First blog post

I have just started to explore the use of blogs as instructional design resources. I am not new to writing blogs as I have created instructional blogs for clients.

The instructional design blogs that I have reviewed contained information that I found to be helpful to me as an Instructional Designer. These blogs contained interesting and thought provoking posts that are resourceful to me in the field but are also an added research option where I can find ideas on how to create more engaging learning materials. I can access them to connect with others in my field. This will help me stay in touch with new ideas, methods, and approaches to designing learning.

Creating engaging content is always a challenge. I think that because people learn differently, it is important to stay informed about new approaches to instructional design. Additionally, I am always being challenged by clients to complete instructional design projects in less than the standard time estimated by the Association for Talent Development (ATD).  Being able to reach out other professionals and experts to gain further insight into development hours will be extremely helpful.

In my work, I am frequently bidding on instructional design projects. There have been times when I could have used the input of peers on my estimates as there have been times that I found myself without the benefit of concrete information on the projects. The challenge for me has been  to be true to myself, not to underbid or make assumptions in order to be awarded the projects. As I have learned in the past, that can be troublesome.

The blogs that I have found to be most relevant to my work are the ones that address instructional design strategies and those that discuss learning management systems (LMS) (implementations and functionalities). I have worked as an Instructional Designer, Training Manager, and LMS Project Manager.

I look forward to sharing my experiences with those communities and learning from everyone!


Association for Talent Development,

Upside Learning Blog

Camy Bean’s Learning Visions

ATD Blog

GP Strategies


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