My Mind Map Reflection – How my connections facilitate my learning

The connections outlined in my mind map help me to learn because they reflect the diverse methods I used to obtain and retain information. I use my personal and professional networks to gain knowledge about my field and to share my knowledge with others. Networking has changed the way that I learn by allowing me access to people from different backgrounds that have had diverse experiences in the field. Some of them have represented mentors to me and have supported me throughout my career. In addition, I have training networks that support me when I need to learn about new practices or to add to my current skills. I use print and digital media to learn about different trades and to add to my content design tools library.

By far the Internet has been a great tool to facilitate my learning. I rely on it to access information in real-time from a plethora of sources. It contains various types of resources such as databases where I can access whitepapers, manuals, and research papers on topics related to my field. In addition, I have access to videos, blogs and other websites that I use as resources to help me stay abreast of new tools and systems that can help me to improve my skills as an Instructional Designer. The Internet is an excellent tool for learning and it empowers me to continuously learn. When I have questions, I reach out to my network and I use the Internet to query different search tools in order to find relevant answers.

I believe that my learning network supports the main principles of connectivism. According to literature on connectivism (Davis, Edmunds, & Kelly-Bateman, 2008), networks helps us to establish “connections…” between ourselves and “people, technology, social structures, systems…” Networks provide us with access to various communities of learning; communities where we can share information which facilitates our learning.


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Note: To view the details of my mind map, click here.


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